George Simmonds, market gardener and grocer of Heston, Middlesex

I was named David for my grandfather, George Simmonds, whose birth certificate decidedly lists three names - George Frederick David. But who was he named for? His birth certificate lists no father - his mother is listed as Mabel Butler of Redhill, Surrey. Grandpa George was born in 1905, but it is not until the... Continue Reading →


Nurse Mabel Butler and The South Eastern Fever Hospital

In the year that Queen Victoria died, 1901, my great grandmother, Mabel Butler, was 25 and unmarried. According to the census that was carried out that year she was a hospital nurse at The South Eastern Hospital, Avonlea Road, Deptford, London SE. However, the census does not specifically say that Mabel was employed at the... Continue Reading →

Growing up in Victorian England

My great grandmother, Mabel Butler, and her sister Sarah were orphans. Sarah was 11 years older than Mabel. They lost their parents in unclear circumstances when Sarah was about 14 and Mabel was 3. Their parents, Ephraim and Jane Butler, lived in Bristol when they married in 1863 and Sarah was born 2 years later.... Continue Reading →

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