Its a bit hard to know how to write a family history blog. Blog posts are easier to read and digest if they are short, so the life story of a person is not really suitable to a blog post. Therefore I decided to include pages where I try to summarise the biographical information I have found on a person, whether it is from documentary sources or word of mouth. The individual biographies can be accessed from the drop down menu above.

It goes without saying that the biographical details I record may well be wrong, though I will attempt to be clear about what is fact, with sources support it, and what is conjecture. However, part of the joy of family history is the wondering, the questions: what was he or she really like, why did they do what they did, what was it like to live in this or that situation or place? Anyone who comes across these pages and sees errors, or has information to add, is free to comment, and I will try to adjust the biographies accordingly.

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