Family trees

I have noticed that I have a tendency to focus in on certain individuals as I travel the journey of discovery about our forbears. But no man (or woman) is an island, as someone once wrote – was it John Donne? We are all part of families at some point or other and the story of individuals is part of a larger story, a bigger picture. In family history research the most basic level of this is represented diagrammatically, in family trees. We tend to focus in on a particular line of that family tree in our research, the line that is most interesting to us, the most direct pathway backwards in time. But brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins first, second and so on, are often also of great interest, in themselves and in relation to our more direct line of descent.

Linked to this page are some of the family trees that constitute our ancestral lineage. Click on the drop down list under Families above to see the trees added thus far.

There are four main families in my own family heritage – the family lines of my four grandparents. The stories of these families and their ancestries form the bulk of this blog. The families concerned have the following names:

  • Holford (Holdorf) – originally from German speaking Denmark
  • Ross – from Scotland
  • Simmonds – from England
  • Byrne – from Ireland

However, there are a host of other family names connected to these families and some of these are listed below:

  • Holford – Fischer, Stacey, Atkinson
  • Ross – Marston, Hickson, Carter, Watts, Magenity,
  • Simmonds – Lilley, Butler
  • Byrne – Hickson, Needham, Carter

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