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John Christopher Hickson (1848-1945)

Donald Robinson, a former Archbishop of Sydney, writes (around 1960): The Hicksons were an old Protestant family whose Hickson forebears had crossed to Ireland from England in the time of Cromwell. Their ancestral seat was "The Grove" at Dingle, 30 miles or more west of … Continue reading John Christopher Hickson (1848-1945)

James Ross (1827-1892) – his early life

James Ross was born on 31 January 1827 in Kincardine, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland, the fifth child of James Ross and Catherine Urquhart. His father was a blacksmith and he had lots of siblings. I cannot find a census for 1831 but in 1841 when … Continue reading James Ross (1827-1892) – his early life