George Simmonds World War 1 service

In 1905 (I believe) George and Mabel Simmonds moved with their son, my grandfather, to Heston Middlesex, which is in the Hounslow district. I have written about George and Mabel’s life prior to this in other blogs. Over the next 9 years three more sons were born: Fred in 1908, John in 1911 and James... Continue Reading →


Mabel and Osterley

A question that has fascinated me is how Mabel Simmonds, formerly Butler, of Heston, Middlesex, wife of a market gardener and carman before WWI, could have been invited to garden parties at the spectacular Osterley House, which was so close to where the young family lived, but so far removed from the life they lived.... Continue Reading →

An Edwardian family

It's grand to be an Englishman in 1910, King Edward's on the throne, it's the age of men. (George Banks, in the film, Mary Poppins) My grandfather's birth seemed to have marked the beginning of his family. On his birth certificate the space under "father" is blank, his mother's name is listed as Mabel Butler,... Continue Reading →

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